New Fireal single

New Single 2017

It's official now: the new Fireal single is a go!

The original lineup makes their return in the song with Tayo on drums, Jay on the bass, Waino on lead guitars and Caleb Daniel Lit on the vocals/guitars/keyboards. (Special thanks to Mikko "Junior" Pietinen and Eero "Zeta" Ekebom for their help with the song).

The drums, bass, rhythm guitars and keyboards have been recorded and the single will be mixed within the nearby weeks or months (depending on how lucky we are). Come hell or highwater, the single will be released this year; possibly this spring, otherwise later in the fall.

It's time to start.

Stay Sith,

PS. It's possible the single will stretch into a 3-song EP.

Fireal Website Opens

New Fireal website opens! The site is still under construction so some features are unavailable (like members and tracklists) but feel free to explore the rest of the site while streaming our music with an audio player. Stay Sith!