Transmission 161215

Imperial Greetings,

Take a tight group of loyal and respectful supporters and compare them it to a community of random petty slanderers. You might as well compare a pack of wolves to a flock of sheep. The sheep blindly follow any false shepherds to their doom. But the wolves share a cause.

We prefer the wolves.

Firealism is a concept built on the quality of the supporters. The rules are simple: respect, support and loyalty. Loyalty is defined by action, presence and behavior. Years of support is respected and will be remembered. Years of absence is frowned upon with no welcome. People may redeem themselves, but without respect there is nothing.

Some followed us for years and disappeared. Some pushed others aside as if appointed by us. Others supported us and then betrayed our trust. All of them got banished and many reacted with public mocking. Their immoral need for attention on the expense of others. It does not matter. It was and still is the right action. Without respect there is nothing.

What we create and provide is distributed to the people. That does not make us servants. We serve no one, not even the people. We do what's right for us and our art. We choose the time when we're ready. Some dislike us because of our ways. It does not matter. We're not here to be friends with everyone. It was never about the numbers. Wave after wave, we can take them. It's about principle, not criticism. Liars, haters and social climbers are nothing.

It takes time to gather a large pack but it always beats the masses of sheep. We don't mind plucking out few weeds along the way.

We are no shepherds and we lose no sleep. We are the wolves and we hunt the sheep.

We Stay Unlit