Transmission 020316

Imperial Greetings,

What is Fireal all about?

To put it short: we're following in the footsteps of bands like Filter and Nine Inch Nails where the lead composes the album (alone or with a producer) and works with the band for the studio and touring.

It was never out plan to form a democracy with a combined creation process. The schedules alone are a handful but the five-man-marriage was never our thing. Creating music our way is fast, focused purely on our craft with no drama or long hours in the field involved. The odds of us letting go of that and going back to the traditional band mode are less than slim.

That's probably why the visuals revolve around the logo: it was never about the band members. It's about the visuals, the story and the music. The latte has been long time coming in an official form but then again if the situation is not good enough for a release, why go through with it?

We're glad there are no deadlines that tie our lives to this. All in good time but time is not important. Only life.

We Stay Unlit