Transmission 060316

Imperial Greetings,

One week in the serenity of nature can be an eye-opener.

It brought up the issue of unnecessary attention targeted towards the private lives of Fireal band members. We question the importance of the members' public roles and have decided to bring the focus back to Fireal. We're stepping back behind the curtain and will now continue as The Cibrius Collective.

Like we wrote before, it was never about the band members. The main purpose of a band is to represent its music and art. That's the statement behind The Cibrius mask: to take the spotlight off the people. The Cibrius Collective represents anonymity - they can be anyone. Its mere function is being the "avatar" of Fireal.

The next album will visually focus on The Cibrius Collective. It's been coming for four years now. Some might recall the first version as IFF (2012). Considering the input of others (T-Noir, producers and musicians), we do not represent one person or even one lineup but a bigger team of professionals, making the best out of one uniform vision - and that's something you'll be seeing more in the future.

We Stay Unlit