Transmission 060217

Imperial Greetings,

Time has passed since the last update - but time and silence often serve a greater purpose. Some have grown frustrated and demanded new shows and releases. But history has shown us they make little difference without proper execution and the needed assets. But the plan exists and is ever expanding

These past few years Fireal has been mostly remote work and adjusted in a way that doesn't dictate our lives or interfere with other careers. A new single release might not be that far a way. The song currently has people from Bleak involved in it. Hopefully we'll get to release it this year. But we feel "hte sooner the better" doesn't apply, rather "the bigger the better". We need to explore the possibilities of how big we can go with this. Sometimes it takes time, even when you have material ready to be released. Sometimes it's all about timing.

In the meantime we'll have to make do with what we have: you'll find new merchandise at the Fireal store , our music in Deezer/ Spotify and if you like what you're hearing: in iTunes /Record Shop X.

Hopefully we'll get to announce more good news soon.

We Stay Unlit