Transmission 271017

Imperial Greetings,

Never underestimate the power of misunderstanding. The visible changes in Fireal would preplex those who've been oblivious to our progress: "Why the masks? What's The Cibrius?"

Burns Inside (2006) saw a more democratic/fixed lineup, followed by The Dark Side (2011) focusing on the lead with a variable lineup. Now the Unlie as the third album shows an empty space in the place of the starring roles (unlike TDS), replaced by the masked figures (The Cibrius) with 3 levels of the lineup (Triad, Collective and United). It translates as The Lead, The Band and The Team.

We've steered towards this since altering of the logo (now 'wraith) and hiding under the hoods. IFF (The Imperial Forces of Fire, 2012) unveiled what's to come. Anonymity keeps the focus on the art, stories and music with freedom to explore different lineups and collaborations. Superficiality at its highest today with outer beauty as a primary value, it's only natural for us strongly opposing it to choose to remain in the shadows.

Deciding on the touring will be an interesting development. Luckily it's the lowest priority atm - so we have some time.

We Stay Unlit